What we do

We started out bringing new sources to companies that are willing to think differently about sourcing policies and provide a network of contacts to help SME’s break into new markets by evaluating all facets of the supply chain to identify and resolve possible weaknesses from production to commercial level. We get product from the fields to the shelves through working extensively with retailers and farmers. Through the conversion from push to pull markets by selection, training and translation of the global requirements in relation to the environment, workers, farmers or communities we are enabling access to the global market place.

We undertake feasibility studies and market research to support horticulture and agriculture investment programs by assessing the investment opportunities and risks for development agencies and private sector companies. We review the current global markets, possible entry points for suppliers, current products origins and competitors, required certifications, phytosanitary risks, relative competitiveness for producer products in the global market place, SWOT analysis with recommendations and identified opportunities and risks.

Investors realise that the supply chain is the heartbeat of any company and it is an integral part of any investment. Through our experience we have become the preferred supply chain due diligence partner for private sector companies, private equity funds & lenders and act as lending advisors to financial institutions on existing or proposed supply chains including in-depth analysis of the business plans.

On behalf of investment institutions, we undertake due diligence on existing or proposed supply chains including in-depth analysis of the business plans which can include;

  • Background research on the agronomic conditions
  • Critical analysis of the business plan
  • Evaluate the supply chain including raw material sourcing strategy
  • Evaluate markets, sales arrangements and potential customers
  • Review of the financial model

WVB Consulting assembles bespoke teams of experts for each specific assignment and is therefore able to provide profound subject matter expertise for a broad range of assignments around agricultural value chains and agri-business. All our consultants are agricultural and horticultural experts with deep expertise in at least one other field, such as marketing, international development, supply chain, food processing, certification and food safety, agri-finance, banking and research.