What we do

We started out bringing new sources to companies that are willing to think differently about sourcing policies and provide a network of contacts to help SME’s break into new markets. We undertake tasks on all facets of the supply chain to identify and resolve possible weaknesses from production to commercial level and carry out commercial studies evaluating trends and markets for a wide range of products.

We have worked extensively with retailers and small holder farmers in the conversion from push to pull markets by selection, training and translation of the global requirements in relation to the environment, workers, farmers or communities whereby enabling access to the global market place and getting product from the fields to the shelves.

The supply chain is the heartbeat of any company and it is an integral part of any investment. We undertake supply chain due diligence for companies, private equity funds or act as lending advisors to financial institutions on existing or proposed supply chains including in-depth analysis of the business plans.


Successfully linking markets

Linking markets process flow