Funding & Proposal writing

We provide funding proposal writing support and have recently been working with a number of successful funding applications for DFID’s Food Retail Initiative Challenge fund and Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative. Funding applications ranged from fruit, vegetables to coffee and tea


Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative (TGVCI)

The Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative (TGVCI) is a £4 million programme that aims to improve the lives and working conditions of those working in value chains. This will lead to poverty reduction and development outcomes, but it will also ensure that better skilled, younger workers enter the sector and work more productively, thus ensuring the long-term profitability of supply chains for companies. The pilot phase of the programme will focus on horticulture and garment sector value chains in Kenya, South Africa and Bangladesh.

We provide support for the construction of the milestone budgets direct with potential grantees and provide written constructive feedback to applications that failed to meet the requirements. Besides supporting the applicants we provide a short financial summary for each proposal to support the independent panel members in making their judgment.

Trade in Global Value Chains Initiative


Food Retail Challenge fund (FRICH)

The Food Retail Industry Challenge Fund (FRICH) supported by DFID aims to improve the lives of farmers and workers in Africa by increasing European imports of food from countries north of South Africa and south of the Sahara. FRICH supports new ideas that connect African farmers with global retailers in innovative business partnerships. FRICH achieves results by removing blockages to market access and making sure that European shoppers know what differences their purchases make to poor farmers.

WVB Consulting worked with the fund managers to recruit, advise and develop project concepts suitable for funding.  Over twenty food industry company proposals and projects were delivered into the 2012 round of the fund through industry linkage and successful mentoring of the commercial entities through the application.

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