Feasibility studies & Market research

We undertake feasibility studies and market research to support horticulture and agriculture investment programs assessing the investment opportunities and risks for development agencies and private sector companies.

We review the current global markets, possible entry points for suppliers, current products origins and competitors, required certifications, phytosanitary risks, relative competitiveness for producers products in the global market place, SWOT analysis with recommendations and identified opportunities and risks.

Cambodia; Assistance in development of supply chain and go-to-market strategy

Assisting a Cambodian client with strategies to aid the development of a large-scale fruit/vegetable processing facility which ultimately will contribute to increasing Cambodian farmer’s incomes.

Ethiopia; Feasibility study and business plan development to support the establishment of a premium coffee export business.

A feasibilty study and an executable business plan to assist in transforming how Ethiopian coffee is viewed globally and take Ethiopian coffee from a mass commodity to a specialty coffee that fetches a premium price on international markets.

Pakistan; Values Clarification and Attitude Transformation Workshops VCTAT programme is funded by the Punjab State Department of Agriculture and is focussed on raising the quality and compliance of agricultural produce for export markets. Through workshops with local experts we reviewed and amended the locally developed training manuals. The manuals are used by Punjabi crop professionals to train smallholders in GAP whereby enabling potential sales to European, Middle East & SE Asian markets.

Kenya & Tanzania; Investment opportunities fresh produce

A study assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN) to identify sourcing and investment opportunities for Dutch investors, resulting in growth of the horticulture sector as well as increased food safety in Kenya and Tanzania.

Fairtrade’s impact from a value-chain perspective

The overall objective of this study, aimed at cocoa, tea, flowers and bananas, is to evaluate the impact of Fairtrade’s strategy and interventions on value chains that source and sell Fairtrade products in comparison to conventional value chains in the same product sectors.
We are responsible for evaluation of flower VC’s to analyse and assess the key differences between a Fairtrade and non-Fairtrade value chain, evaluate how Fairtrade’s Standards, strategy and interventions are impacting the value chains, assess the key differences in impact for farmer and worker organisations and provide key recommendations to the Fairtrade system on how its work in value chains can drive better impact for SPO’s and HLO’s.

Zambia: Asili Processing Ltd Feasibility study

We are undertaking a feasibility study for the consortium partners. The consortium partners aim to develop a modern tomato paste processing factory to manufacture paste for commercial processors in regional and international markets. The project will develop crucial in-country support structures including local agronomists and access to high quality inputs to enable commercial large and small holder farmers to produce the raw material to the highest standards.

East Africa: Feasibility studies on avocados and mangoes.

These separate studies were to support investment programs in East Africa. We assessed the opportunities for avocado production in Mozambique and for a separate mango venture in East African. We reviewed the current European markets, possible entry points for East African suppliers, current origins, competitors, relative competitiveness for East African product in an EU market, volumes, historic prices and agronomy issues which could result in import restrictions. The report included SWOT analysis with recommendations, identified opportunities and risks and contact details of interviewed relevant potential importers.

Africa: Afrexim Market Study

The African Export-Import Bank (Afrexim Bank) sees an opportunity for strengthening African agri-business by encouraging increased value addition to agricultural export commodities in the countries of origin. The purpose of this study is to aid Afrexim Bank to evaluate the loan demand of the African agri-processing sector with a specific focus on processors that provide value addition in the country of origin in the agri-processing and agri-trade sector that need medium to long term finance (4 to 7 years). The study will identify the most promising agricultural commodities and sectors for value addition through processing in country of origin. Identify potential opportunities in other commodities and determine the competitive position of African agri-processing in international export markets.